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Bernard Fichtennadel 10g - MrSnuff

Bernard Fichtennadel 10g

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Bernard Fichtennadel is the literal embodiment of the outdoors. This highly scented tobacco is bathed in spruce needles and rounded off with menthol. The effect is instantaneous, one sniff and your finest holiday memories are revived no matter the season. The content is dark, moist and fluffy, and will provide a medium dose of nicotine. Genießen Sie eine Prise!

Available in a convenient 10 g dispenser or box of twenty.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
G.G. (New Albany, US)
Perfect for autumn/winter

The spruce and menthol scent work great together.

Best Raspberry ever

Probably the best Raspberry/ slightly menthol an absolute treat! 😋 yum

Ty Kennedy
Original F

Great snuff! Easy to take. I love the spruce that comes forward with the menthol and it lingers for a good amount of time. Quality german snuff right here

Michael Dmytryszyn (Goochland, US)
Halls cough drop

Reminds me of a halls. Best mentholated ive had so far, the scent is nice and lingers a bit and the menthol is refreshing instead of overwhelming.

Wild Alaska
White Fir and Menthol

It’s very strong. It doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is. For me, this is more of a specific/niche snuff. Hunting season. If you’re out and about and need to wake all the way up, this is what you want in your pocket. Not an everyday, but it will always have a place.