6 Photo Medicated No.666

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Customer Reviews

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Benjamin Shawver
Love it!

This is my go to menthol snuff at the moment. It’s very pleasant/smooth, opens up the sinuses, and has a very nice, subtle sweetness.
Would purchase again.

The Doctor with Leela
Strongest of the 6 series

Don't let the 666 scare you.
No Beast or Deviltry involved.
The title of this review pretty much says it all. 66 gives a pretty good menthol blast, but I think this one tops it.
If some overly enthusiastic religious person insists converting you and you're not really interested, just pull this out making sure they can read the label, have pinch and offer them some.
It will scare them off and they will leave you alone in peace.
5 Stars and a Triple A+

Jacob Maner
A very strong and rewarding snuff

This is a strong mentholated snuff. Its almost like putting Viks Vapor Rub up your nose. Virtually no tobacco presence so if that's your thing give this one a shot. It really clears out your sinuses. Lol

Take this if you need it strong!

I am a fan of mentholated/medicated snuffs. There are many great snuffs in that category, but it happens that I need it really strong with no compromise. Six Photo 666 does the job. It is very strong on both menthol and nicotine and it outperforms any other medicated that I have tried. It is good to have this at hand when things get a little bit lame. I love it just for that. Besides the hard initial kick it reveals some herbal aromas after a while, but these are never dominant or irritating. A great booster and reinforcement snuff. Highly recommended for experienced snuff takers.

Dennis Garrett
Best snuff to buy! Christmas Snow ball on your nose with minty smells!

This is first medicated snuff I tried it really gives you some energy and a buzz! Feels like you got a big snow ball on your nose with spearmint flavor in it but maybe its the stronger smell of menthol! Makes you feel like its christmas! Gives you some energy a little rush or buzz clears our bad air and fumes from outside! makes you happy and able to reform your thoughts be nicer to people or more serious and getting things done! Think the newer flavors are worth a try sandalwood green dragon at 6 photo snuff older flavors you got to work with to get started!