McChrystal's Sunblast 8.75g

McChrystal's Sunblast 8.75g

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McChrystal's Sunburst is the perfect vehicle for this exquisite drupe. The flavor begins with a piquant menthol that unveils a very floral apricot with some plummy notes as well. The tobacco taste plays second fiddle to the fruity reward without being cloyingly sweet. The taking of this snuff is quite easy and does sustain a nice level of nicotine. The color is mid to dark brown, the grind is fine and there is little moisture. Apricot jam on toast for the nose.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.
Mini: 3.5 g.
Large: 8.75 g.
Tub: 200 g.
Also available by the dozen.

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joe (A Coruña, ES)

Un rapé de olor agradable ligeramente picante y vitamina n aceptable.
Para tomar todo el día.

J.V. (Hedgesville, US)
Citrus Methol

Very nice and easy on the nostrils. Enjoyable and would definitely make another purchase.

Lee Trennel (Grovetown, US)
Sunblasy is great snuff!

Mild, pleasant smelling and very fine grind, and drier, just the way I like. I'll try other McChrystal varieties soon. My only gripe is the metallic container! The lid does NOT close securely, so if you lift it by the lid, the bottom will simply drop off. Likely why this snuff was received shrink-wrapped with plastic. I "Scotch"-taped the lid, but will be putting it in another snuff box. As stated, a nice mild and pleasant snuff!

Abraham Bernstein (Apopka, US)
Menthol then Apricot.

So just opened it yesterday. I freaking love it!! Nice punch of menthol at first that calms down and then it's all Apricot. Stupendous Apricot, really nailed it!! Not a sweet candy thing Apricot for the preteen scene, a mature and floral Apricot for the discerning sniffer (snooter?). Very good as an all day snuff, or a special occasion.

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)

Sunblast dawdles along the same path as Gawith Original, but without the signature Pöschl frost. It is a civilized blend of menthol, blood orange and apricot rounded-out with a pleasant tobacco finish. It served as a nice segue to a meal of saffron cod, poached in olive oil and lemon. Sunblast solicits memories of lazy afternoon strolls in streets of Palermo, on a Knightly quest for a chilled Grail of Rosato.