McChrystal's Jip! 4.4g

McChrystal's Jip! 4.4g

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McChrystal's Jip! is a flagship snuff whose namesake was given to President Lincoln's faithful companion. This little dog had the run of the White House during that memorable presidency and was said to have helped assuage the president's many burdens. This snuff has some of the same virtues. A pleasure that is available anywhere at any time with a nice pleasant nudge of endorphins to help through the day. The medicated nature of this blend is a blast of cool spices. The initial menthol subsides to camphor or eucalyptus and finally ends up on top of a lovely tobacco taste. The feel in the nose is quite refreshing with a medium moist texture and a medium grind. Well worth the try as a contender for the medicated slot in your rotation. Enjoy a pinch.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.
Small: 4.4 g.
Tub: 200 g.

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Customer (Maricopa, US)
A great g0-to...

I've only been "snuffing" for a few months but I've tried quite a selection in that time. Jip could easily be my go-to. It's smooth, plenty potent and doesn't take the top of your head off. I'm disappointed that it's out of stock!

Bryan Beals (Paw Paw, US)

I decided to try this based on Simon's recommendation from simply snuff channel on YouTube. I very glad I did.this a very good all day long snuff the menthol is goldilocks. I will probably be getting a 200 gr tub in the future. Medium grind ,moist.very easy to use and not much burn. Thank you Simon if you ever read this.

Anthony C (Melbourne, AU)

McChrystal’s - JIP

If you are wondering where to begin your snuff journey, then may I suggest you start here with McChrystal’s Jip.
You can purchase this fine product in different sizes all the way up to a 200g tub 🤯 (that’s a lot of snuff)
There is an obvious reason for this, and that is because it’s simply a great anytime of the day snuff.
It can help get your day started and it can help relax you during a busy part of the day when your struggling to get on top of everything.
Like so many of the good medicated/menthol snuffs Jip is also topped with Camphor and Eucalyptus. A combination that’s hard to beat 💪

The tin note is a slight menthol whiff which is then overtaken by a decent toast note. Now, I’ve said before that toasted snuffs aren’t my thing but there are exceptions to the rule and this is certainly right at the top.
For a couple of dollars for a small tin you can’t go wrong. Share a pinch with your friends and double your enjoyment!!!

M.A. (Brooklyn, US)
Jip changed my mind about menthols.

As a new snuff user, I anticipated menthols would be like Vicks Vapo Rub but this is very pleasant. The menthol is refreshing and not overpowering. The place to start if you want to try a menthol. Not just a good menthol but one of the best overall snuffs.

M.G. (Fairview, US)

I love President Lincoln and his dog best all-around snuff there is take too much and it’s going to blow your Ears off