McChrystals Glacier 3.5g

McChrystals Glacier 3.5g

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McChrystal's Glacier is a frigid treat. This spicy mixture has taken medicated to a new order of refreshing. The tobacco is subdued by the overpowering kick of wake up that is provided by this powdered delight. The candy sweet initial blast eventually succumbs to a fresh minty conclusion. The snuff is medium brown in color with a medium moist grind that releases ample nicotine with a clean and crisp feel in the nose. Highly recommended as a daily pleasure.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.
Mini: 3.5 g.
Large: 8.75 g.
Tub: 200 g.
Also available by the dozen.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Kiefy (Palm Coast, US)
Really impressed

Thought this would just be insane menthol and that's it, but I was way off. It's a delicious scent of what seems to be a mixture of spearmint and peppermint. The grind is the most moist Mcchrystal I've come across, so it's easier to take than say, SP. Even besides those two oils, it seems even more complex. 5 stars!

Dallas Drury (Sydney, AU)

McChrystal's Glacier 8.75g

Customer (Little Rock, US)
So fresh! Super minty goodness.

I'm so enamored with this snuff! I'm a minty person and this is definitely a nose-tingler! The vitamin N is solid and the after is amazing...just lovely, like wrigley's spearmint gum. It's got quite the punch in the nose, but it's worth it. I carry this as part of my EDC. A great way to get recentered and back in the grind but with a grin.

Better than I imagined.

Very enjoyable but you better like menthol. This one works well for me as a pick me up. Not because of a strong nic hit but the coolness.

Abraham Bernstein (DeLand, US)

Ok, so I have to say, this is as cold as a snuff could be made and still be enjoyable! It is a new favorite for me. I love the "clarity of cool" this provides. SO DAMN YUMMY!!! Totally love it! I get a real jolt from this snuff and it puts a real pep in my step and I have crossed eyes for a few minutes, but they go back to normal after my face has defrosted.....