McChrystal's Aztec 8.75g

McChrystal's Aztec 8.75g

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McChrystal's Aztec is a rich concoction that releases a big chocolate flavor. There is not a bitter but rather a sweet and creamy after taste. The tobacco is present but in no way overpowering and is a perfect vehicle for this delightful essence. This snuff has a middle brown color, medium grind and medium moisture that returns a mild feel in the nose with a nice wallop of nicotine. This may be eligible as a starter in your rotation. Cheers and have a heaping pinch.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.
Mini: 3.5 g.
Large: 8.75 g.
Tub: 200 g.
Also available by the dozen.

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Customer Reviews

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Kiefy (Palm Coast, US)
Chocolatey goodness

The grind isn't as fine as SP, for example which makes it easier on the nose. The chocolate is delicious, although not the best I've had. Snuv Nuttytella being my absolute favorite (although expensive) followed by Dholakia Swiss Chocolate). Haven't tried the 6 photo offering yet. Would definitely repurchase, it's addictive and you want to keep pinching, as with any chocolate snuff 🤭

J.B. (Caracas, VE)

Algo diferente pero cansa por eso 4 estrellas

Matthew Francis (Indianapolis, US)
A Solid Chocolate Snuff

McChrystal's Aztec is another snuff that I put off trying after buying, mainly because my previous experiences with chocolate snuffs suggested that such snuffs may not be for me. Unfortunately, I still hold that opinion. Upon opening a tin of this snuff, the first thing that one will notice is a strong chocolate aroma. The snuff offers sweet chocolaty impressions underscored by biscuit, earth, wood, straw, bread, and brown sugar once it hits the front of the nose. Sometimes I can pick up faint grassy, lemony impressions and hints of toffee, maple syrup, and molasses too. The grind is more or less medium but noticeably more uneven than many of the other McChrystal's snuffs. Moisture content is on the lower side of medium. The nicotine presence is not overwhelming, at least not to me. While I can see this snuff working quite well as a dessert or evening snuff, it is a little more challenging to use than the other McChrystal's snuffs I have tried to this point. It is also very, very sweet, so one really has to like the idea of a very sweet, chocolaty snuff to be into this one. Compared to the other two chocolate snuffs I have tried, Aztec displays something akin to the cloying sweetness of Africa from Wilsons of Sharrow while lacking the heavy nicotine hit, and it lacks the subtlety and balance of Toque Chocolate that I find rather appealing. For what it is, it is respectable enough, but I guess I am just not a huge fan of chocolate snuffs. I also think there are better chocolate snuffs out there. This one is worth trying, especially for lovers of sweet things, but I doubt I will be in any rush to take more of it.

Eric Kahn (Brockton, US)
Lovely chocolate. Stays for quiet a while

I'm very new to snuff(ing) and I must say, I am impressed. Like many I bought the McChrystal sampler. Only tried two so far. But the Aztec will undoubtable become a fav. The chocolate 'flavor' stays for a long time. Very much like a fine cocoa. Slight back of the throat drip, but very slight. As I breath through my nose the aroma is refreshed. I go many places where smoking is prohibited, I have used Oliver Twists on a plane. But this is far more pleasant. I'd like to find an anise flavor. Highly recommend to the newbie.

Oh_killum _ (Fort Smith, US)
Coocoo for cocoa puffs

Strong on the cocoa side. This will take you back to those cold wintery mornings In December. You wake up and say to yourself " I think I'd like me a hot chocolate". So you go in the kitchen grab a pack of Swiss Miss from the cabinet, and as you cut the packet open you're hit with a tempting distinct aroma of cocoa and milk chocolate. This one stays with you for a good 45 minutes to an hour after just one bump. It's extremely pleasant and soft on the nose. I would recommend you to try this if you're a chocolate enthusiast. You won't be disappointed!!