SNUV Rusty Nail Snuff 15g

SNUV Rusty Nail Snuff 15g

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Snuv Rusty Nail is another in the Rusty Range. In case you don't know, the Rusty Range is a collection of snuffs made from 100% sun dried Rustica tobacco in a range of flavors. Rustica is a high quality, strong, full bodied tobacco and one of the primary tobaccos used in nasal snuff. It is several orders of magnitude better (and more expensive) than cigarette tobaccos, which are generally of low quality.

Snuv Rusty Range is unapologetic about being a fantastic snuff. Grown, dried, ground and flavored to our exact specifications in India by the premier snuff manufacturer on the continent: 6 Photo. Our close relationship means we get the finest tobaccos and the utmost care is taken at every step of the process. This is why we are happy to attach our name, our brand, and our reputation.

Snuv Rusty Nail is another collaboration that does not fail to excite. With the bomb-proof foundation of Rustica leaves, mostly Ligero from the top of the tobacco plant, the leaves are smaller and have received more sunlight than the rest. Why? High nicotine of course.

The Snuv Rusty Nail flour is subsequently flavored with a beautifully tempered mix of menthol, camphor and eucalyptus in the tradition of McChrystal's Original and Genuine, except it kicks harder and for longer..

While not a beginner snuff, except for the foolhardy, intermediate snuffers and above will likely find this a wonderful addition to the daily rotation.

Available in a convenient 10 gram container.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Bebe Lolita (Sumter, US)
Kicking Rusty Nails!

Quite pleased! Love the hits, the blend that gives a nice rustic note and earthy note upon the settle on menthe, herbal top notes. Tobacco shines. Give it a go. Cheers! ❤ 🍂

-Cigara St Cistar Aficionado
Charlotte | Tampa | Atlanta
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Jack (Brooklyn, US)
Best! With great nicotine kick

Best nicotine hit. I've tried many different brands and types in those brands looking for a good nicotine hit and finally found it. Also has no drip with hardly any residual. Now this is my favorite😍

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Mr. Creosote

When you first unscrew a tin of Rusty Nail, the first aromas to waif out of the can are those of a dry sauna: mushrooms, torrefied wood and eucalyptus. The ruddy brown snuff is coarsely ground, fluffy and sticky moist. Upon uptake it provides a cool burn that is slight yet long in the nose. The afterburn reveals flavours of mint, camphor and eucalyptus that are supported by notes of both chocolate and citrus. The snuff sits well in the nose and fosters no drip; its deep flavours whelm the sinuses rather than caress them. High in nicotine, Rusty Nail is surprisingly sweet, evolving into an experience akin to the enjoyment of an after-dinner mint.

Ed Bread (Kitchener, CA)
Love this snuff

Very refreshing and effective, I love the taste, the strong menthol, its moisture is perfect for me. So far this is my favorite snuff.

Customer (Virginia Beach, US)

This one exceeded my expectations, nice and moist, hits great once it's in it opens up all the passages in your head for a breath of fresh air. It lasted a good while, wonderful nose feel, and N hit. I love it. There was a faint smell of what I could describe as playdough but it was a great scent. I'll keep this one with me constantly.