6 Photo Chetak Chhap 20g

6 Photo Chetak Chhap 20g

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This is the typical Indian Khaini, a delightful combination of finely cut tobacco leaves and the world famous Indian herbs & spices. A top up of attar of roses mixed with menthol gives it a pleasant aroma.

Mr.Snuff says: "This is one of the strongest tobacco products I have had the pleasure to try. If a good nicotine buzz is what you are looking for, I recommend giving this awesome dip a try. Be careful though. Start with a pea-size pinch. It will sit you down, humbled otherwise."

Available in a convenient container size.

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Customer Reviews

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C.C. (Calgary, CA)

I bought 3 of these by mistake while purchasing snuff. I don't usually use chew but this beats the pants off of any brand I have where I live! Thank you

Kris (Houston, US)

I love this oral tobacco kinda hard to use and burned the crap out of my gums but regardless probably my favorite so far. The buzz does take a minute or two but other then that it's amazing

Gaurav Ter (Nelson, NZ)
Damn good spit tobacco

Very nice spit tobacco, no wonder it’s all sold out. 5 star from me.

john vecchione (Washington, US)
Negative 5 stars

Instantly regretted this tobacco. First off, to call this tobacco is inaccurate. It should be labeled as a smelling salt due to the high amounts of ammonia permeating from the brown, chunky sludge that's inside. Second, it burnt my gum immediately, less than a minute. Threw out the entire tin. I don't want to meet the guy that actually enjoys this product, as I fear he probably looks like some nightmarish creature from a horror movie with breath like a cat's litter box.

William Goodman (Boca Raton, US)
As someone else said, give it a chance.

My initial use was a shock. It had a strong burn and abraded my gums somewhat.

However, after passing that stage I find that I love it. I use it by itself as the taste is great but often mix it together with Makla Rouge.

My only complaint it the tins; they leak sometimes when it is very fresh, and they can be very hard to open.