Makla Ifrikia 20g

Makla Ifrikia 20g

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Makla Ifrikia is an iconic symbol in terms of Makla mixture art. It is best known for its typically characterized and truly vigorous taste. Hard nicotine hit that has a cooling sensation in the nasal area. This is an exemplar of classic snuff that is ideal for connoisseurs of strong sensations and a more effective punch. An amusement of ammonia must be expected, while you prepare for the thrilling hit you have been anticipating.

The product comes in an easily opend 20g plastic tub and is easy to place in the nostril section. Conditioned in an iron recipient that adds very particular alchemy to the typically ferrous taste of Ifrikia. All with a simple pinch of the powder, you'll be ready for a fulfilling Makla experience.

Available in a convenient 20 gram container.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

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Cody H (Ferndale, US)
serviceable and practical nicotine hit

Being accustomed to American style dipping tobacco, this is quite different for me. The consistency is like wet clay with little hard clumps in it. And it dissolves, much like fine clay, in the mouth, so best to just stick it in one spot of your lip and don't fuss with it. Aroma from the tin is very funky, earthy, heavy ammonia upon freshly opening (this mellows a few days after breaking the seal). I find the flavor to be entirely neutral: at most, it tastes like the plainest dirt you could imagine. I have been using it for the past two days, mostly at work, and it is very practical and convenient if I want a quick wallop of nicotine to keep me going. But, after the quick initial burn (maybe 5-10 minutes), I can't justify keeping it in my mouth longer than that because there is really nothing else to this product other than the nicotine hit. Sure, I could probably get a bit more nicotine keeping it in longer, but I don't want to. I'd rather have a more sensually rewarding tobacco at most times of the day. Simply put, this product is 5/5 stars for nicotine and ease of use, and 2/5 stars for enjoyment.

Marian Ayebah (Hamar, NO)
Great business

This is the second time received my orders good business and honest thank u

Matt (Aurora, CA)

I don't find the smell or taste to be as bad as I have heard online, both are mild. The nicotine is the selling point of Makla Ifrika. A pea sized ball under my lip is making my head spin, despite using tobacco for 15 years. If anything, this will remind you of loose snus. This could be a very economical product for some.

Thomas Wieser

Makla Ifrikia 20g

Makla Ifrikia 20g

Make no mistake, this is an oral/ spitless tobacco (not unlike snus). When you open the can you'll be greeted by an appalling blast of ammonia. As disturbing as it may seem, this is something I wish we saw more often, because it is the result of a properly sealed tin. Regardless, break the seal (don't forget to put the lid back on) and let it breathe for a few days. Then enjoy a delightful lip of gorgeous rustica.