White Horse Indian

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Bro Brian
This is a go-to snuff

This fits criteria for a session snuff. An Indian snuff with mild sea scent, and a nicotine kick. The price is very reasonable for such a unique, yet distinguished powder. Balanced mixtures are hard to come by, which makes this a must try.

Yunus Bakihan Çamurdan
Nice price/performance snuff

Phenolic, somewhat cloying tin note may be a bit off-putting but once in the nose, it fades to a mild and slightly nutty scent. Very legit nicotine load. Highly recommended if you can take Indian white snuffs comfortably.

Great white snuff.

A very nice white snuff that is strong. It has a very neutral aroma to it. I have come to love 8 photo Janta snuffs. If you like other Indian white snuffs you surely will not be disappointed in this one. Try it who knows you very well may have a new favourite.

DJ Amireh
White Horse Elephant

If you like White Elephant from "41 Photo" then you should almost surely pick this one up. Both are very fine, very dry, very high nicotine, tan (almost white) snuffs. For a while White Elephant seemed to have a nearly mythological/legendary status in the community due to its unavailability and reputation as one of the strongest snuffs out there (often compared to the "Dholakia White" that I have been unable to acquire). If you haven't heard these names before its probably unlike any snuff you've tried. They're considered the opposite of an easy to take "beginner snuff" but personally I took an immediate like to them.

I don't think I like it /better/ than White Elephant, except that the availability and price of White Horse makes it much easier to keep around. Has a bit more of a "tobacco" and nutty flavor like a toast than White Elephant, which shares more flavor with the common perfumed Indian snuff (both could almost be described as unscented). When I had a 250g tin of White Elephant it was definitely a daily driver for me, and I can see this becoming the same. Might be blasphemy but I highly enjoyed mixing White Elephant (before the price increase) with a variety of snuffs to tone down their moisture content. If you've read this far, definitely give this one a try!!