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White Elephant

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Those who fancy themselves as experts in Indian snuff, will relish this outstanding offering  from 41 Photo. White Elephant is a strong and powerful substance that signifies a mighty nicotine hit. Prepare yourself fora blast of ammonia scent that is the precursor of an enormous nicotine rush.

One of India's finest blends. This product comes in several sizes. You may want to read some of the stellar reviews White Elephant has received.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Kevin Cutler (Prince George, CA)
Amazing with caution

This is a ultra light fine snuff! Has a nicotine hit and pleasant burn with a light aroma of a fresh cut field and a light tobacco taste that makes me have a few tiny bumps in a row. It’s difficult to snuff! Drop a small bump cover it with that nostril and VERY SLOWLY inhale through the other nostril.... that’s the most comfortable and controlled way I’ve found to thoroughly enjoy the White Elephant 41!
No ammonia or sea/fishy smell from my 20grm tin.

Benjamin Shawver (Denton, US)
Exactly as described

I’m not gonna give this full stars because I didn’t enjoy it that much but I won’t give it no stars either because it is exactly as described. It has a very nice nicotine hit (which I enjoy) but it also has this ammonia thing that I guess I’m just not into.

Not as bad when mixed with something more mentholated.

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junkbox (Lucerne Valley, US)
White Elephant on a translucent shell.

What a nice snort. Super fine which is perfect for me and the pure almost raw flavor brought a little tear to my eye ;) There's a hint of sea as stated below but nothing overly fishy. Smells like India. I don't really catch the 'strong' ammonia...seems more like a burn from strong tobacco to me. I'm not one for fruity snuff or overly mentholated, I prefer a straight snort like grandpa had...and that sh*t burned. This is probably stronger than most snuffers are used to, but it just needs a little respect and is well worth it. My first pinch was miniscule just to get the overall flavor. The second I overdid and payed the kick back price. But my third was perfect so now I at least got the beast by the reigns and know it's boundaries. Definitely getting a larger tin, I can see this being the proverbial vodka to a custom snuff cocktail blend.
Nothing fancy about the packaging (at least on the 20g), but that simply emphasizes the authenticity in my opinion. The art is great.

Crypt Five (Trenton, US)
Bready Nic

A bready scent with a tremendous belt of nicotine. Highly recommended, especially if one is trying to quit smoking cigarettes.

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Bro Brian (Los Angeles, US)
I have to buy an Indian purchase more often!

As with many snuffs from India, this does have that genuine seashell scent, and flavor. Most folks will probably not be attuned to such things, but those who are into sea foods and such will probably enjoy such as this. It has that nice ambience of the sea mixed into a very powerful nicotine tobacco, which makes it very special to those who are accustomed to sea faring creatures. This is a must try, and I will be trying out many other India products in the near future. The White Elephant snuff is a very strong snuff with very strong nicotine consistency.