FUBAR Jungle Fever Mango 30g

FUBAR Jungle Fever Mango 30g

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FUBAR Jungle Fever Mango is an attempt to recreate a walk through tropical undergrowth. The scent of moist earth combined with the odor of mango flowers are the predominant flavor descriptors. This is a dark and moist mix that has a fine grind of tobacco flour. The initial burn is present but not overpowering and the nicotine is on time and substantial. This is fruity but not sweet and can be a fine addition to anyone's snuff collection.

Available in a convenient container size.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
c.g. (Douglas, US)

I liked it. It actually has a good flavor, then again I love mango. The burn was nice, kinda spicy. My only complaint is that when I take a sniff or two I feel a waxy build up in my nose and feel like it needs to be rinsed out and then it feels sticky and hard to get rid of.

Tom K. (Winnipeg, CA)
Sounds good and smells good but I think I stuffed laundry detergent

Sounds good and smells like mangos but when you take a bump it smells like powdered tided laundry detergent.
Vitamin N buzz isn’t strong and doesn’t last long either.
I like that it’s a powder but definitely not a good flavor

oloc van vomit (Wil, CH)

this is a delicious fruit flavoured snuff. i always have one or two tins in stock in my cellar.

simon ketchley (Ammanford, GB)
love it!

Wonderful snuff, sharp initial burn followed by amazing mango intensity. Good nicotine. Best fruit snuff I have tried. I intend to always have a tin on hand.

FUBAR Jungle Fever Mango 30g

I must say I'm disappointed, The mango once snuffed hit's like a burning,stinging,wabe mango.The Nic Hit is dirty in my opinion.But hey don't let me hold U back.Go get U some fake Mango gone bad snuff if U snuff a enuf of it U just may get a fever.lol