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Dragon Madras 8g

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Janta Dragon Madras is a super strong golden snuff. The most premium quality tobacco leaves are roasted before grinding to provide you with the best possible experience of Madras Snuff. No added flavors or menthol, just the natural roasted tobacco aromas and a high nicotine content.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

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T.D. (Dearborn, US)
Delicious and potent

This is among the first Indian snuffs i tried. Initially, it is powerful and fiery, with a chili pepper aroma complimented by a strangely pleasant "sour" scent. This evolves into a warm, nutty, buttery flavor with notes of chili/spice ; no doubt a result of being roasted in the Indian clarified butter. Grind is fine and dry, with a beautiful golden color. Nicotine is substantial.

M.V. (Laramie, US)
Very enjoyable

This is one of my new favorites. A little burn accompanied by toasty fragrant tobacco. Taste is of pure tobacco, very little ammonia. All of the maillard taste of frying in ghee is enjoyable considering all the fermented tastes I'm used to. Very fine and an immediate nic hit that is quick to dissipate. Small tugs are easy and rewarding but big ones taken with care are great 👍.

E.B. (Kitchener, CA)

When I first tried this snuff I was surprised by what id describe as a chili powder sort of flavor and it didnt take me long to realize i really liked it. id refer to it as a macho snuff, it tastes and feels like something a gritty cowboy would take in the wild west, it's fine, dry, strong and chili flavored, with a very present but pleasant burn.

J.G. (Anaheim, US)
Stuntman broken review

I like this very much. A good strong earthy different snuff.

K.B. (West Bend, US)

Holy heck this stuff is good!