6 Photo Super Kailash - MrSnuff
6 Photo Super Kailash - MrSnuff
6 Photo Super Kailash - MrSnuff
6 Photo Super Kailash - MrSnuff
6 Photo Super Kailash - MrSnuff
6 Photo Super Kailash

6 Photo Super Kailash

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6 Photo Super Kalash is premium Kaim Gunj tobaccos with an aromatic twist. The mixture is blended with finely grounded Himalayan herbs. This golden colored snuff is often described as a gentle breeze with a complex perfume and lemon-grass undertones. The blonde powder has a moist, grainy texture and comes with a significant nicotine hit. Well worth a try.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
JD (Woodstock, US)
Better than I expected

This snuff surprised me I put it in my cart without looking at reviews and when it was on the way I looked at the reviews and was glad I ordered the smaller pack it was the last snuff I tried out of the Indian snuff that I got and maybe it was one of the best. It does smell like pee that is drowned out by the urinal when it first hits your nose and it slowly fades and what was really surprising is the nicotine level is up there with with white Elephant maybe a step below but still strong and satisfying the smell rounds out after the initial bathroom stuff and you can get some of the tobacco flavor -the pee smell leads me to think they might put a little rustica in it

Chris Hiles (Kennewick, US)
The urinal cake smell.....

First off.. whoever the first guy who said it smelled like a urinal cake is 100 percent correct. It's very perfume-like and not at all something I would ever try again. I don't mind scented snuffs but this is one is so pervasive and reminiscent of urinal cakes, it's ridiculous. While it's true it doesn't last long it lasts long to remind you that you just shoved a urinal cake up your nose. Nicotine kick is mild and hardly worth the effort for the unpleasant smell.

Wild Alaska
Can’t get enough.

I didn’t like the first smell or snuff of this. But 10 minutes later I was thinking about snuffing some more. Then I did and I haven’t stopped. I went all in on India snuffs after this. I anticipate I will be very pleased.

Yes it smells like urinal cakes. Yes it smells like The Bazaar (or whatever store in your mall sold black light posters and incense), but no, it really, really doesn’t. Step into the fresh air and you’ll know this is a clean, quality product. I can’t get enough of it.

Menthol. Yes it has menthol, and I don’t like menthol, but I love the menthol in this. It completes a whole package.

I use this everyday now. I just placed an order for all the Indian snuffs to try. Don’t give up on this from the smell of the tin or the first pull up your nose. Outside smells fresh and clean, inside a little musty depending.

AS (Wellington, NZ)
Top to bottom

The Super Kailash you have when you open the tin won't be the Super Kailash you have at the end of the tin and it's one hell of a journey. The best snuff I've ever had, hands down.

Dennis Garrett (Sparks, US)
sugar peppermint and some Flea market smells

Had to air vent this snuff too! It has a strong urine smell and at least one day setting out on a plate you need to do before you try it!
I tried some and had a good peppermint and sugar taste in my nose with a little flea market bathroom smells and a real good nicotine buzz! Think its a real good smell dont like the animal or flea market bath room smell but it keeps getting weaker! If I found this for sale any where think yeah at least buy the small tin let it get air and try it! Ill give it a 4 star cause its sweet and really wakes you up when you do a snort! cant wait to try green dragon and sandalwood snuff 6 photo makes! Just wish they had some flea market soft drinks and candy for sale by 6 Photo Super Kailash!