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6 Photo Special

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Dennis Garrett
Dark snuff Eucalyptus some Rose!

Purchased around 5 cans of photo snuffs because I think new flavors are main stream snuffs in some countries other flavors old!
This is a older snuff and I had to leave the can open and put them on a dish plate and let them air out even had to do it with gawith pine ice because they smell real strong like urine and the pine ice was like pinesol soap! The urine smells and strong flavor broke down and they were great! This flavor strong eucalyptus some rose or perfume something like old soap that is not too strong. Think this snuff is what grandpas use to use enough to get you down the road with some energy and go to church hang out and talk to farmers and town people after church! Thinking might want to just buy a can put it in your dish and curio cabnet for show! And wanted to point out the dark snuffs 6 photo has have a different drip similar to dark chewing tobacco. At one time or the other might get the horse urine for sure then the bull crap smell like your on a farm so dont throw the can away use smaller doses let smells evaporate!

6 Photo Special 25g

This is the first Indian snuff I've really liked. I don't get any menthol from it -- just a really nice incense.

6 Photo Special 25g

The tin note is far more subtle than it is when used - a faint, spicy tobacco smell. When taken, you are suddenly in an Indian restaurant. The methol/eucalyptus is completely subsumed by a rich, spicy aroma that lingers forever - cloves, cardamon and a hint of cinnamon. I think I would find the taste of this objectionable if I were smoking it in a pipe, but to the nose, it's really pleasant. You definitely want to do small pinches, though, or I could see it being overwhelming.

I'm finding these really fragrant snuffs to be perfect for taking either before bed, or right before walking out of the house. You'll still have a faint remnant of it for a half hour or so.

I'm giving it 5 stars -- it's one of the best Indian snuffs I've tried.

6 Photo Special 25g

This one grew on me. I had to try it because all of these traditional blends have very vague descriptions and reviews due to their complexity. This is the most incensey of the 6 photo line. Out of the tin it smells like cheap deodorant but dont let that fool you. At first pinch or scoop you an immediate incensey oiliness that my entire family immediately recognized as patculli. The base is niether bitter nor sweet, its right in the middle. Its fairly easy to take once you get used to it and once you get a few pinches in, you start to get the soothing eucalyptus that everyone mentions, but without rebound. This snuff has alot of flavor in it. One scoop would overpower a pocket can of any european snuff. If you have already adjusted to the calmer floral indian snuffs like kailash, this is one ull definitely want to havve around when other blends start to feel bland. I definitely recommend it after trying six photos more common blends.

6 Photo Special 45g

The thing about six photo black snuffs is that they are so damn good. This one would have its own followers, and I am certainly one of them. Use it to know it. It is something different though I cant tell by my inexperienced nose as of now since Ive taken a lot. This is my night cap snuff. I use it during moments when I need something to relax after a long strenuous day at work.