6 Photo Indian Curry 8g

6 Photo Indian Curry 8g

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From 6 Photo Indian Curry comes a traditional English style tobacco snuff with an extraordinary twist. This product has an amalgam of the finest Indian herbs and spices as a base for this stylized tobacco powder. Easy to sniff, this grind has a fluffy mid-moist texture with a touch of menthol. Ensuring a smooth and flavorful hit with the exotic appeal of an Indian curry. This is a definite hidden gem.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

Customer Reviews

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Martin Searson
Brilliant flavour

New to snuff full time - not a fan of menthol so looking for other flavours without as B much burn, easy, smooth and comfortable blend for everyday use

Burny (Chicago, US)
Low Expectations

I honestly didn't think this would be my cup of tea but surprisingly this is a great sniff. I expected more of a burn with this but it's rather mild in that sense. All in all a well blended snuff and worth a try.

Anonymous (Whiting, US)
Oriental Essence

I have been interested in oriental perfumes and high quality incense like Agarwood/Kyara and Sandalwood for a while now. This snuff has the EXACT aroma of Shamamatul Amber which includes Saffron, Agarwood and other herbs mixed into an attar which by traditionhas Sandalwood oil as the base. This is what makes Indian snuff my favorite. The essences are high quality, complex and amazing.

6 Photo Indian Curry 30g

I love this snuff. Its easy to sniff without it getting into the lungs or falling from your nose and has a perfect blend of cool Indian flavors. I like curry, but I was apprehensive to put curry up my nose. However, the spice is very subtle and works perfectly in the mix. I'll be using this every day.

6 Photo Indian Curry 8g

This is a spicy snuff, but I don't detect the curry as a standalone scent. You can feel the menthol, however the overwhelming scent I get is that of pine. If you have tried Bernard's Fictennadel you will know what I mean. It has a smooth feel and burns a bit longer then most snuff. Its not an all day snuff for me, but some may find it to be.