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Rosinski Stargarder Refill 10g

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Rosinski Stargarder is a medium brown snuff with the mild flavor of Virginia tobacco, blended with the rich scent of heath land honey. Finely ground and kept dry, not oiled. Medium nicotine content, not mentholated.

Available in a convenient 10 gram sachet.

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Customer Reviews

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Jeff Haase (Gold Coast, AU)
Honey heathland bliss

A fine grind very dry but a decent vitamin N from the lighter colour flour. A nice honey lingering in the nose with minimal drip

Jeff Haase (Brisbane, AU)
Gets me buzzing!

As Uncle Squinty says definitely worth the price! The heathland honey comes through after that grassy green/ bright leaf Virginia note with an exceptional Vitamin N gift.
A must have snuff keep it clean no finger pinching unless your using it quick, keep well sealed airtight and your in heaven!

Paul Shallbetter - Uncle Squinty (Faribault, US)
Oh honey.... 10-26-2020

The golden tobacco base is quite mild and of medium grind, a bit on the dry side. It is quite easy to sniff with a bit of care. I believe the tobacoco here to be Virginia-, as there is a grassy undertonee to this. And yes, the top note is of wild meadow honey, a bit floral, mildly sweet and completely delicious. Is it worth the price? Absolutely. You'll want to decant this into a smallish glass jar to prevent it from drying; it gets sandy when allowed to dry more than a few weeks after tearing open the 10 gram refill pouch. I love this! Your Wicked Uncle Squinty can't recommend this one highly enough.

Rosinski Stargarder

Stargarder has a scent similar to Dreisener's, but milder and with less nicotine. It has a very similar grass-clipping scent, but not as strong and with a hint of something else -- something citrusy perhaps -- or maybe the background scent is just a product of the fermentation process, I don't know. I don't have expert nose for these subtleties. Stargarder is easier than Dreisener for me to take straight; I don't have to cut it with another snuff. It's still not an all-day snuff for me, but the summery, grassy scent is perfect for an occasional treat.