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Customer Reviews

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Oh Baby!

Great all around snuff...hard to get out of the tap box.. but a damn good snuff!

Lee Trennel
Nothing but Menthol. Like it!

Had this year's ago and as far as giving you a blast of Menthol, this is the one! Keep it in my pocket. A moister snuff, so it's a small challenge to knock it out of the container. No biggie, but usually get a clump bigger than needed. Unless the flip cap is secured on the small post, or hold it back with your finger, it gets in the way when trying to tap the snuff out. This is really powerful in terms of the Menthol and every time, this one makes me sneeze. Typically other snuffs don't. Its a go-to snuff and use it several times daily.

Clayton Tharp
My favorite snuff

I started using this snuff years ago, then I went tobacco free because of massive heart attack. I wanted some snuff so much that I put in an order--ahhh.....I'm so glad to use Ozona President again, a delightful and notable snuff for its flavor, strength and menthol level (Medium). I've tried about 20 different snuffs and none beat the smooth refreshing President by Ozona. Go for it!!

James Caldwell

This snuff is one of my favorites. The menthol has a bite but it's good and cool. Great job. Will definitely be getting this one again.


I've been a snuff user for a number of years, with Gawith Apricot being my "go to" choice. During my last order I decided to try something new, which was Ozona President. I was pleasantly surprised with President, and it's "not overpowering" menthol flavor. The menthol provides a little "bite", but not excessive...very pleasant. My only disappointment was that when I received my order, the President container was only 7g, instead of like Galwith's 10g container. That was MY mistake for not noticing this variance on the site. I will definitely be ordering Ozona President again (but in double quantities). Thank you Mr. Snuff for you great service and selections, both past and present!!

San Diego, CA., USA