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Bernard Amostrinha 10g - MrSnuff

Bernard Amostrinha 10g

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Bernard Bernard Amostrinha is blessed with a perfect formulation of grind, moisture and color that offers a powder that is easily sniffed with no irritation but rather a pleasant feeling in the nose. The aromas are typical of a fine fermented tobacco; there is a nutty flavor that sits on top of a peppery chocolate taste that hides a lingering spicy note, reminiscent of camphor or mint. The nicotine is quite respectable but not overwhelming. Genießen Sie eine Prise!

Available in a convenient 10 g dispenser or box of twenty.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
K.S. (Natrona Heights, US)
My new favorite

I’m relatively new to the game. I’ve tried all Bernard has to offer, liking almost all of them. But this…this one hits different. A nice blend of earthy with a little appearance of something semi sweet. The menthol is perfect, meaning it just kind of hangs out and adds a little bit extra to an amazing blend. I highly recommend.

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I imagine Northman hunting or sitting around a campfire jamming this up their nose before .... Whatever the Northman do!
My box was STRONG , let this air out or by the Gods ..come back to it .

Douglas Reed (North Charleston, US)
Must have

Excellent stuff. Medium coarse and moist. Slightly smoky sweet wet hay at first, with a mild mentholated cooling sensation. Not the menthol smell, just a little chill. Quickly changes to leather, rich pipe tobacco, charred oak and dark rum with a hint of horse barn. Probably my favorite aromatics yet

Jeremy Cox (Mount Vernon, US)
Great stuff

I get a earthiness from it that is tasty as hell.... give it a go....

Nathaniel Riemer (Osseo, US)
Fantastic Stuff: Quite the snuff

Starting with a roasted leathery smokey meaty flavor, with a slight mentholated hit that doesn't last, and intensifies the flavor. Delving in later to the flavors of cocoa, and sometimes I note an even later aroma of fermented flavor.