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Patch Classic Tin 25g

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Fribourg & Treyer Patchouli is predominantly floral in nature. The obvious dead-nettle is surrounded by an earthy, almost ammonia smell that finishes with an undertone of sweet mint. This concoction stands out as convivial to sniff with little to no burn and medium moisture, yet provides a substantial nicotine clout. Can easily become part of your starting rotation. Enjoy a pinch today.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

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Charles Paul
Very Nice

This is a very pleasant flowery snuff. The Patchouli is quite strong at first, then seems to quickly fade to a dark tobacco / mossy scent. I live in the woods, and it reminds me of sitting on the back porch just after a gentile rain. Very earthy. Feels like home.

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Straw Market

On Mount Fitzwilliam, overlooking Nassau Harbour, stands Government House, the official residence of the Governor General of the Bahamas. From 1940-1945, here lived the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, during his tenure as Royal Governor. If you walk from its gates on Duke Street down George Street to Bay Street, you will come across the Nassau Straw Market. With its mixture of mint, patchouli, talcum and moth balls, Patch smells exactly like that part of the city. Very high in nicotine and of medium moisture this burn-less snuff offers quite an adrenaline rush. To quote Dr. Hunter S. Thompson: “buy the ticket, take the ride”.

Traditional Favorite

A lovely, heady experience! F&T Patchouli is a rare treat, not overdone but totally what it says it is without reservation. I'd yearned for a patchouli snuff since I started taking snuff, so imagine my happiness to learn that Wilson's was bringing this traditional favorite back. Then I read that it had a menthol component and since I'm emphatically not a menthol user I was concerned I would be disappointed. In fact, the menthol is so light that its effect is to brighten the patchouli flavor to a wonderful extent. Gold star to Wilson's for getting this one right! It's a dark, moist, medium ground, potent snuff. Perhaps not one for every day but certainly a treat after dinner or late in the evening when the day is calming down. This is easy on the nose and safe for beginners. If you have a nostalgic bent and remember the days of patchouli incense, then you will be happy when you try F&T Patchouli. No, it doesn't smell like incense but definitely is what it claims to be. The scent lingers nicely and fades gracefully. Totally worthwhile, highly recommended if you like strong scents. One I'll always keep on hand.

Extreme Treat

If you love an exotic scent in your snuffs, something to take you away from your tasks at hand and transport you to foreign lands then this is it. I have had over the yrs many exotic snuff and this is it. Superbly done and not too overpowering. Patchouli, takes me back to my days as a young man with long flowing hair and not a balding head. This one may not be one you will find yourself going to all the time or even daily, but rest assured it is an extreme treat and deserves it place in your collection and should reside in a fine snuff tin or chinese snuff bottle! Love this snuff!