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Fribourg and Treyer Santo Domingo

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Dmytryszyn

Incredible snuff. Super coarse and moist grind is unique, scent is very strong and interesting, its an earthy base with a light floral note thats very pleasant. Really enjoy this with some sweet wine, and one of my favorites. I do it mostly at home though, F&T tins are very loose and this ones a bit messy.

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Eric Perlinger
Spring Thaw

Six months of organic materials suddenly thawing and decomposing under the warmth of the equinoxal sun; this meaty snuff with strong leathery tones is best shoveled into the nostrils with an appropriately sized serving spoon. It’s smooth tobacco flavour well accompanies spirits of malted barley, wheat and rye while mimicking the pleasure of a fine cigar without the offense of thick blue smoke. Santo Domingo is Ram’s Head worthy and the snuff to enjoy in the library of one’s favourite Club whilst decompressing in an overstuffed green leather chair.

Wild Alaska
Fine dark snuff

A fine dark tobacco snuff. The most prominent feature is the tobacco. Earthy, leathery, a touch smoky, none of those and all of them and more. The cedar wood and violet (leaf extract, it’s not floral) are there in the background, almost the after touch, but so well blended with the geranium and sandalwood as to appear a part of the tobacco itself. It doesn’t smell like any of those, it smells like Santo Domingo, and Santo Domingo is a pure pleasure in my nose. Easily an all day snuff. If this was all I had for the rest of my life, that would be no tragedy at all. 10/5 stars.

Efrem Jindracek

Delicious, natural, moist, strong, coarse-grained... my favourite.

Great for those long night's full of troubles with no sleep in sight.

This is Great snuff! If you like deep n dark, moist earthy dirt, with a touch of leather, it's best to use a snuff spoon or you'll end up with a clump pinch. It being of a large course grind. Dirt you say? No I said leathery, black moist dirt. And don't turn away so soon! This is a soothingly strong snuff that is highly prized by those that dare. Once snuffed there being a non existent burn, One will at first be saying WTF? And then Suddenly a slightly heavy feeling of being pull down to behold and witness in all it's glory the flavor's of eon's of the deepest deep essence of life giving dark soil and the faintest hint of a leathery horse running free n wild, way up from the depth's in which you are in. Then as if it was but a split second or two of some powerful, vision you come too. Being cooed calmly to a blissful state. I lie not.