Viking Thor's Hammer
Viking Thor's Hammer
Viking Thor's Hammer
Viking Thor's Hammer

Viking Thor's Hammer

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Viking Thor's Hammer may have been fermented where Mjölnir was forged. The tobacco aromas bring us to a blacksmith's fire with leather apron and musky aromas of dry hay, sweaty beasts and thick damp air. The scents are almost mythic and this legendary recipe comes with a dark robe, medium coarse flour and a moist, easily pinched grind that can handily be taken in the nose with little irritation while providing a superior rush of endorphins that lasts a long while. This snuff should be seriously considered as a mainstay of any collection. Odin's son will rock your world.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
R.M. (Little Rock, US)
Simple Surprise

The way the company advertises this snuff I thought it would be akin to Bernard’s Gekachelter….smokey, peaty and leather. Instead, there is a fine grind. The company is very generous with the amount of tobacco it gives. It is a fine and soft powder. The smell is almost nondistinct, but if you take your time, you will be rewarded with a natural sweet and almost subtle flavor of chocolate tobacco goodness. The sweetness is from the natural tobacco and the care placed into producing such a fine product. No very gentle burn/warmth comes with a pinch along with a low medium nic hit. This is far from a hammer, and more of a velvet glove. Definitely worth a try. I’m glad I did.

Sven Sulzmann (Oakhurst, US)

Very subtle at the beginning I got not much but than all sorts of forest smells. Freshness, pine, mixed with a little earth. As I smelled the tobacco out of the box it was very peaty almost like a bog but that isn't what you get in the nose

Jeffrey Suski (Brandon, CA)

I am fond of strong cigars, black coffee,and Copenhagen chew,(non menthol)...Thor's Hammer flavor profile and face warming burn has completed my tobacco journey...this is what I had been searching for, and didn't even know it. Thank you Mr. Snuff for making this whole online ordering process an absolute cake-walk and adding even more joy to my life with these fine products. You have a lifetime customer over here now.

Dr. Bream (Ashburn, US)
More than a nicotine hit

The name is bold, and I anticipated a commensurate rush of nicotine. I was partly right, and partly wrong. If you’re a new snuff user, don’t let it repel you. Yes, the nicotine is there. It’s also at a level that is much more pleasant than you may guess from the packaging. I have read it described as “barnyard.” I think that is very fair. There are barnyard scents in the tobacco, but if you can wean yourself away from urbanite conceptions of what that means, there is something imminently comfortable about them. If you’re looking for snuff where you can feel the nicotine, this is for you. At the same time, it is a disservice to relegate this snuff to no more than delivering the nicotine hit. It has a barnyard/ wood lot scent that is untamed and masculine. The tin arrives full to overflowing.

The Capitan (Overland Park, US)

This is definitely in the vein of Taxi & NTSU; I want to like it. Some have described these flavors as "barnyard". Maybe. I once knew a rat breeder & to me the smell is squarely "rat pee". But don't necessarily take that in a bad way. Let the ammonia blow off. The flavor is hard to describe otherwise. Its bold, dark, rich, crazy-sour and surprisingly smooth. It is oddly satisfying but I can only do it every now and then. It's worth a try.