Snuv Reaper 10g
Snuv Reaper 10g

Snuv Reaper 10g

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Try to savor the hereby hint of mixed berries, mostly raspberry-jammy bubblegum, before you get a hard kick in the pudenda which will, for a while, distract you from any aroma. When your nose settles down and stops pulsing fit to burst an artery, note the subtle undertones of wild lavender, Himalayan barberry (which tones down the sweetness), vanilla pod and bitter orange with hints of jatamansi and clematis. The raspberry still prevails, though less sweet; more like the actual berry picked fresh off the plant on a warm summer evening.

The flavor lasts for ages. We didn't bother timing it but a solid hour later (time for another dose) a squeeze of the nostrils gave a satisfying renewal of the base aromas. A little bit like scratch and sniff, kiddos.

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  • Grind: very fine
  • Moisture: light
  • Strength: Very strong
  • Menthol: No

Available in a convenient 10 gram container.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

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SnuffHouse Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Demon to some Angel to others

I ordered Reaper to review during my
31Days of Gore Horror fest
I do every October on
Twitter, Pinterest,Instagram & Tumblr
I have a large snuff collection going
and to my surprise
Reaper has become an everyday snuff for me.
When I'm dragging,
neck/head pain
or stressed
I reach for this Dark Angel
I have some old injuries causing
chronic pain/ exhaustion
The high nicotine kick & endorphin boost is just the thing I need to clear my head
to function for the morning drive
along with a bowl of mapacho tobacco preferably Brazilian black and my ceremonial spiced xocolatl with hot peppers.
Reaper & spicy xocolatl are a ferocious morning pairing
Not for the week... period.
Notes are reminiscent of a snuff inspired by the pagan celebration of Beltane called
fire dance
By Samuel Gawith.
More herbaceous and berry
with less tobacco and brandy then fire dance
Mixes well together
if you can't handle the burn.
(I don't mix)
I used to do Tibetan cheek spears at a piercing parlor once a week ceremonially
and from experience
You can get used to and relax into certain pains
This one takes a few tries to get used to
But try it in an emergency situation
And you won't be let down.
Fantastic for ceremony & as a spiritual offering.
Note: like all people spirits differ in taste
this may not be for everyone (living or dead)
If you like fire dance
Or Samuel Gawith
High nicotine
And an endorphin boost
This may be for you.

S.S. (Seattle, US)
The Nose version of going to the bathroom and forgetting you just chopped up ghost peppers

I got it for the raspberry flavor and the description threats. It surpassed any fears I had - wonderfully fruity and left my nose feeling like I'd rubbed a jalapeno inside each nostril. Settled down after about 20 minutes, but the raspberry flavor stayed for a long while after. GREAT STUFF!

Not for the faint hearted

This is a fantastic snuff nice and fruity but go Steady the burn is crazy And will go on for hours

Ryan Williams (Fort Worth, US)
Very different, but not my thing

Strong scent of berries or something similar- very fine powder, not too hard to sniff, but burns like hell and has a lasting burn. My eyes watered. The scent is overwhelmingly powerful in your nose and stays for a while. It’s not an unpleasant scent but so strong that it becomes undesirable. This is a 100% tobacco free snuff. I don’t know what herbs they use or what but I doubt it’s any safer and definitely burns more, it was worth buying once but I probably won’t be buying anymore tobacco free snuffs, just not my thing. 2 starts for the decently strong nicotine kick. Also

Not for me

I saw Snuv and thought, cool, a new name in snuff? I ordered before doing any research to understand that this is not a tobacco snuff. If you want long lasting artificial flavours up your nose, a long lasting burn and a hole in your pocket this will do nicely. For me it is not the one. I don't understand why you'd want a snuff that looks like tobacco but has none - and is not more healthy than a tobacco snuff, most likely less healthy as this has so much nicotine and a ton of chemicals. All the pain but none of the gain. Meh