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Fribourgh & Treyer Old Paris is one of the original mixes that has persisted through out snuff history with its recognizable perfume that has a sweet and pungent tobacco taste with very woodsy notes. This amalgam is quite original, and to be appreciated must be treated as part of one's snuff education. The reddish brown color, fine grain and medium moisture has a slight burn when sniffed and delivers a medium nicotine clout. Enjoy a pinch today.

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
A Fat Friend

In the heart of Dandyism, at 53 Jermyn Street in London (to be exact) you will find an exquisite bronze statue of George Bryan Brummel by Irena Sedlecka. A 7-minute walk down Jermyn Street will bring you to 34 Haymarket, the former home of Friboug & Treyer, which are the makers of this snuff. F&T was located here from 1720 until 1981. Clients included Mr. Brummel himself, as well as the future King George IV. Old Paris was “Beau” Brummel’s favourite snuff. This tin of rusty-red fluff greets you with a very slight burn. Feverish, its flavours are a subtle combination of leather, wet leaves, saddle soap, dates and rendered lamb fat. It tastes like the library at the East India Club. I was so deeply enamoured with it on the night we first met, that I immediately ordered the large box for fear of finding myself, at some point, without.

Very Stimulating

Quite nice. With almost the same strength of nicotine as Santo Domingo, subtle perfume not unlike DR. JR Justice, this one is a winner. Not sweet, a bit salty a flavor best described as umame in nature, it is properly moist and medium ground. I don't at all get the aroma of arack or dates or whatever they describe as the flavour base, but there is no talc note like most F&T snuffs. A nice afternoon snuff, a bit strong for morning, and a bit too pungent for dessert. Altogether stimulating and nice.

Fran del Rio
Santo Domingo

Es oscuro aunque no tanto como el Santo Domingo, con una molienda media que acompa

Nice Warm Peat

This reminds me of Santo Domingo in a lot of ways. The texture is dryer and lighter, but has that nice warm peaty tobacco scent. It reminds me of tobacco aged in an oak or whisky barrel. Earthy, with little burn a put exquisitely prepared with arrarack and dates, it states high class. I love this snuff and will always have a tin of this or Santo Domingo always on hand.

Michael Kingsbury
Fribourg & Treyer Old Paris 25g

Simply excellent. A rich base tobacco, full of leathery tones. The light, slightly sweet scent of date wine, rather than the anise flavored Arak of the Middle East. Perhaps a touch of floral. Yes, the slightly sweet and musty scent of old libraries and antique shops. I never expected to like it so much, a serious rival to HDT, and easier to take.

Mike Kingsbury,
Palm Springs