Kayak Wintergreen Fine Cut 34g

Kayak Wintergreen Fine Cut 34g

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Activate your senses with Fine Cut Wintergreen - 100% American-grown tobacco produced with classic Wintergreen flavour. Rich, dark, mint, always ready, in a fine cut.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kris (Houston, US)
Lose and hard to use

Terribly hard to use but I absolutely love the flavor

Johannes Reitzig (Landskrona, SE)
What you'd expect

It's exactly what you'd expect. No more, no less. Over all a very pleasant dip with a good balance between Wintergreen and tobacco taste.

h.m. (Bilbao, ES)

Its simply delicious. First sweet, then salty, then slightly tobacco and nicotine pouch. Its like bbq sauce made chew tobacco in the kind of taste not the flavour. Put in a bag if you dont want small pieces of black between your teeth ;)