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Grizzly Wintergreen Pouch

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Like Wintergreen? Don't wanna have to worry about 'floaters' (That's what ya call bits of dipping tobacco that get loose and wind up in your teeth) THIS is your solution. Go on, dip before kissing your girlfriend, like she hates you for doing. She ain't gonna know the difference. Go ON, do it! Your minty fresh and sparkly clean. Just' maybe spit OUT the pouch beforehand.

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Grizzly Wintergreen Pouches

These pouches are delicious and give a great nicotine hit.
They are sweet and have a Sarsparilla flavour.
Hands down my favourite dip/chew.👍

Josh (Morganton, US)
I prefer to the Long Cut Wintergreen

This has a sweeter, more enjoyable taste than the Long Cut Grizzly Wintergreen, in my opinion. It also due to the fine cut packs way more of a punch, and for a fine cut it stays together almost as good as the long cut. One of the strongest dips on the market as far as nicotine, I'd say.

Josh (Morganton, US)
Totally different than the regular Grizz WG

This used to be Camel Wide Cut around 2009/2010 before it got discontinued, it got resurrected under the Grizzly moniker because Reynolds bought out Conwood and renamed the company to American Snuff Co. 90% US, 10% foreign tobacco, this is a wide cut a lot like Stokers. It features a saltier tobacco base that shines through, and a milder wintergreen. If you like wintergreens that are tobacco-forward, this is a must. Not terribly easy to find in some places. Excellent dip!

S. (Adelaide, AU)
Repackaged Camel Wide Cut Wintergreen

Found out after I ordered this that its just repackaged camel wide cut wintergreen, which got discontinued a few years back

Nicotine and burn are great but somehow it stays packed worse than fine or long cut,

The wintergreen is too sweet for me, Every time I try it I end up spitting it out after 15 minutes. Not a terrible dip, just not for me.

L.G. (Melbourne, AU)
Good snuff

It's bloody good