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SNUV Nutella Snuff - Limited Edition

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Customer Reviews

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Sweet & Creamy Hit - Excellent!

I can just smell the hazelnuts, in the background. Nutty-ella has a fortifying, medium strength hit and a delightfully sweet, smooth, creamy chocolate aroma that can linger with you for hours. A candied, fine grind, quality dessert snuff. Glad I got more than one tin.

Nutty delight with a medium nic hit

Im very pleased with this snuff! Being a chocolate connoisseur that has to count for something. Easy to use, almost no burn for me, just a nutty choc delight and the flavor lingers for awhile too, medium nic hit so I can take a bit more. A good description of it is offered on the site, it just took me a second to figure out who makes the SNUV brand, hah! Thanks MrSnuff! Ordered two more, gotta get a stash going on.

Matt C

Wow it's spot on chocolate hazelnut with a lot of nicotine to remind you that it isnt actually candy lol. Your collections needs this, and it's "limited" so I wouldnt wait.

Brian Ackerly
Fantastic Dessert

This is a fantastic chocolate snuff with nuts and a great snortable version of Nutella. Seems like it may have a caramel note as well. A fresh tin will have you trash talking your Aztec or Swiss Chocolate.