6 Photo Chetak Chhap 20g

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William Goodman
As someone else said, give it a chance.

My initial use was a shock. It had a strong burn and abraded my gums somewhat.

However, after passing that stage I find that I love it. I use it by itself as the taste is great but often mix it together with Makla Rouge.

My only complaint it the tins; they leak sometimes when it is very fresh, and they can be very hard to open.

Tamerlan Afandiyev
Just don't

This was one of the biggest mistakes in my snuffing life (the other being Taj).
Don't believe that "pea size" BS over there, it's gonna dissolve your mouth tissue no matter how little you take. And not only when THIS is inside your mouth, but a few hours after you take it out. Yes, the nic hit is strong and all, but you can as well use Fire & Ice or Cheeta or Majestic Elephant orally if you need the said nic hit, and with no affect on your gums.
So as long as you're not into dissolving-your-body-alive kind of pleasures, don't bother trying this.

Give it a chance

I was bit put off by some of the previous reviews but decided to try this spit tobacco. I wrap mine in tissue paper to keep it together. Unlike say the Fire & Ice, this is an oily collection of plant material. The initial burn was intense for me but after subsequent use that initial burn has died down. I find the taste pleasant, but it is exotic so I could imagine others not enjoying it as much. I have a high nicotine tolerance but the nicotine hit from this made me forget about wanting a smoke. All in all, a fine product to which I shall return

6 Photo Chetak Chhap 20g

Warning!! I took a tiny pinch and am now considering going to the hospital. I'm serious. It melted the skin off my gums and inner lip severely. Should be illegal to sell.

6 Photo Chetak Chhap 20g

This was the first dip tobacco I ever have had, had about a teaspoon in 1 day in about 3 dips and at the end of the day there was already brown marks over my gums, I had literally caught cancer in the first day I thought, brushed my teeth a couple times as soon as i noticed, rinsed my mouth vigiouresly with mouthwash for 10 mins and could still taste this powerful tobacco around my mouth, the nicotine buzz was strongest I've ever experienced.