Poschl Packard's Club 6.5g

Poschl Packard's Club 6.5g

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Poschl Packard's Club has a nice synthesis of floral and fruity notes enveloped in a quality tobacco scent with a nice trail of menthol. This blend is a masterpiece of the tobacconist's trade. There is a Barbasol scent that accompanies a smoky, woodsy and molasses taste that lingers in the nose with a mild menthol that rounds things out. The taking is not painful and the nicotine hit is mid-moderate. The whole being greater than the parts, a miraculous concoction to be tried.

Available in a convenient 6.5 gram container.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

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Don Littleton (Sterling, US)
Cherried sandalwood.

My favorite. When it's available again, IF EVER, I will buy along with other Poschl snuffs, but until it is, won't shop. I can't find it on other snuff sites. If Mr. Snuff added an option to be notified when items become available, that would be great.

Phiippuopolo (Deerfield Beach, US)

Great snuff but unavailable for months

Good news. It is bought and paid for. We are waiting for it to be shipped over. Hopefully back in stock within a month.

Douglas Reed (North Charleston, US)
Worth it for the box alone

Very refreshing and clears the sinuses well. My new go-to palette cleanser in rotation. The fragrance is reminiscent of my sandalwood & eucalyptus shaving soap puck, with a distinct frosty nose feel. I also get notes of fresh fennel, a dash of Chinese 5 spice, and an herb from my mother's garden with a sweet nearly licorice aroma, but I've long since forgotten the name. Not really picking up the fruit notes that many other people seem to be. I'll definitely be purchasing more of this when I get low and reusing the containers for my other favorites and personal blends

The Doctor with Leela (Chicago, US)
A Classic

I like the little measured tap box dispenser. Not at all hard to use. You just have to figure from which direction the little scoop fill from and tap into it from that angle.
It will be nice for refilling.

Anonymous (Fort Worth, US)
Simply amazing

One of my favorite snuffs ever! Great strength and addicting scent and flavor! This is basically a mentholated SP to me but more complex- hints of a subtle but present cologne/floral type smell with the perfect menthol. Will order much more of these on my next shipment!