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Poschl Red Bull Strong 7g - MrSnuff

Poschl Red Bull Strong 7g

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Poschl Red Bull Strong is a very mentholated tobacco snuff. The specific strain of Mentha from which this particular essence of menthol is derived, is extremely aromatic. The tobacco flavor is overcome by the extreme icy sensation in the nose that is quickly accompanied by a very nice wave of endorphins. The texture is mid-brown, clumpy and is easy to pinch. There may be, for certain aficionados, a slight herbal grassy, almost straw like scent, that may be excavated when the Mentholatum abates. Menthol lovers have been served.

Available in a convenient 7 gram dispenser.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Samuel Curry
This is what menthol is about

I really like menthol snuff. This is the strongest menthol that I have found. The only drawback is it comes in just one size.

Samuel (Saint-Jerome, CA)

Good stuff 2 week before I got it in Canada. So not bad for that .One thing though is I would of liked it to know this was mentol before i bought would of chosen something else

simon alore (Kamloops, CA)
Brown Brown

As the name suggest, this elixir of life will lift you into the heavens of bliss, joy, and focus. Much like the drink which claims many of the benefits which this poetic tobacco actually delivers.... wings of the nostrils prevails! This was my introduction to snuff, and even though I've found other variations this is still one of my go to snuff!

Brett Waldrop (Seattle, US)
red bull snuff

redbull is my favorite, top shelf for sure, i can see why its sold out , next time ill really stock up !

Cody Meyer (Montreal, CA)
Strong Menthol with Pleasant Earthy Undertone

Great all day snuff. Medium-strong nicotine and wonderful sent that lasts. I like the earthy, gravy smell that accompanies the menthol. Great pick up that clears the nose.
Moist, medium grind that feels good.