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Bernard Postillion 10g

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Bernard Postillion is a rich, slightly boozy, chocolaty blend of prize tobaccos that will ensure your forthcoming devotion to German schmalzlers. This mixture is perhaps the epitome of Teutonic tobacco powder making. The subtle rural odor permeates this sophisticated snuff that provides both smoky and spicy notes. The color is dark, the grind is coarse and the texture is moist. There is a substantial nicotine hit and snuffing is easy with low burn. Some consider this to be the best Bernard makes. Genießen Sie eine Prise!

Available in a convenient 10 g dispenser or box of twenty

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G.H.D. (Greensboro, US)
need name

does anyone know the name of the painting

Bernard Again!

Like the original , it's sold out for a reason ! First time could not close the box. The original had a sour I couldn't put down , had to get more .
Someone said reviews black licorice ( hated as a kid) with chocolate . But Bernard's got a recipe that keeps you coming back .


I like this snuff. I have just tried it for the first time and it was the type I was seeking after really enjoying Schmalzlerfranzl Brasil Dopple Fermentiert (what a name!)
Honestly, I have so far not been able to detect a significant difference between the two, which is not a bad thing at all, and might be that I need to spend more time with them back to back to note subtle differences.
Postillion has a nicer painting on the label... on that note, I really do like the artwork on most of the Bernard's boxes.
I find this has a sweet but not cloying scent that lasts and has a very satisfying nicotine level. Seems to build and build which is a trait I appreciate in the Schmalzlers.
Wish I could find more to differentiate it from the Doppler but I really like them both so no complaints there.

Casey Sellers (Austin, US)

Take a big bite of black homemade licorice. This snuff is moist and hearty. I like mixing this one with a little whisky honey Toque.

l.R. (Montreal, CA)

If Bernard Klostermischung is the court-jester, then Postillion is the king.

The two schmalzlers are similar in grind, humidity and colour but whereas Klostermischung is quite savory smelling, Postillion is sweeter and more complex. Ever since the formula for Klostermischung changed, Postillion has become my daily snuff. I cannot fault it, it's an outstanding snuff for all situations and if you lie down after taking it, prepare for a nicotine headrush!