Bernard Charivari 10g


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Charivari is a classic schmalzler snuff with menthol and fine cherry. Favored among the classic Bernard snuffs and an incredible flavor which will not disappoint.

CUSTOMER REVIEW: "Wow! Kirschwasser or some similar natural smelling cherry (this has a disctinct almond or cherry pit scent) with a strong menthol. But here is the kicker: I also smell some subtle spice, which may be the type of tobacco used. This has a finer grind than the usual schmalzer. Tthe tobacco is fairly dark as per a brazilian tobacco and the nicotine is a hair past medium. This is really, really good. If you like zwiefacher (chapstick) or magic moments (strawberry) this will be right up your alley. This reminds me somewhat of a non-floral version of Gawith Hoggarth's Almond snuff, and is a good replacement for that discontinued masterpiece."


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