Bernard Winterpris 10g

Bernard Winterpris 10g

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Bernard Winterpris is literally a pinch of winter. This snuff has captured the essence of this cold and crisp holiday season. The blend not only provides a great tobacco taste but saturates the base with festive spices we all recognize. The bouquet runs the gamut between warm and comforting to hot and spicy. The grind is coarse, the color is dark and the texture is moist. The nicotine is substantial and the sniffing is moderate to mild. Lots to discover here. Genießen Sie eine Prise!

Available in a convenient 10 g dispenser or box of twenty.

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CD (Meadow Valley, US)
Anise & cinnamon

Far from your typical mentholated snuff, this masterpiece leaves a long lasting anise scent in your nasal passages with slight cinnamon undertones . The nicotine reveals itself as a reverberating pleasant nasal sting which warms your face & body. The unique qualities of this fine recipe cannot be overstated.

Jesse Lindberg
The double C’s

Clove and Cinnamon, the two double C’s from this box . Very dark and moist in profile and in the nose very mild burn from cinnamon couples with a clove spice aftertaste . Very wintery indeed . Also has a moderate nicotine buzz stronger than the other German snuff brands I’ve tried so far .

The Capitan (Overland Park, US)
Smoke, clove & cinnamon

Simply one of my favorites. The cinnamon makes it a bit dry to be an all day, but it's close. Wonderful aroma of fresh baked bread, tobacco, with overtones of cinnamon & clove. If you enjoy this, be sure to try their Postilion or basically anything by Rosinski.

Todd r mueller (Peyton, US)

Very little burn, definitely a holiday spice type flavor, maybe clove, cinnamon, black liquorice. Something along those lines
It is moist and easy to inhale
I could see myself going through a big tub of this stuff. I love these flavors

Bernard Winterpris 10g

Cinnamon and nothing else once in the nose, this smells just like the cinnamon pine cones sold in stores during Christmas and in the fall. The oil used smells naturally sourcedbas it smells identical with cinnamin sticks. The vanilla element people smell in this is the coumarin in the cinnamon. It is right below the akin irritation level. The nicotine is mild-medium which surprised me considering it is such dark tobacco, and and us a good thing, because you will end up shovelling a lot of this into your nose because it smells so good! This is one not to miss, it is perfect in every way for a holiday style snuff, and using it outdoors really opens up the scent!