Beard Growth Balm Tin

Beard Growth Balm Tin

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Discover the awesome Healing and Growing properties of our Beard Growth Balm in BIG 30ml Tin. Increase the Health and Repair your hair follicles oil for dry, patchy, split-ends, thinning, and general problematic hair. Our Balm is a glorious blend of the finest Shea Butters, Beeswax, Hemp Seed, Eucalyptus, Teatree & Jojoba oils for improved growth, styling, thickening and hair health. Suitable for all hair & Skin types

  • PROMOTES GROWTH - Our blend of jojoba and Hemp Seed Oils with Tea Tree and Eucalyptus create the perfect environment for Beard Growth 
  • ANTIBACTERIAL - HELPS REDUCE Beard-Druff, Acne, flaky skin and dry skin problems.
  • REVITALISES DORMANT HAIRS and THICKENS GIVING A FULLER BEARD - Increases volume and helps fill patches, making your beard fuller and thicker

Promotes Beard Growth
Conditioning & Moisturizing
Thicker Beard & Hair
Antibacterial Cleansing
Improves Circulation
Hydrates & Strengthens Hair 
Nourishes & Repairs
For all hair & skin types


Usage Instructions

Just a few scrapes rubbed into the beard daily.

Directions: Leave in - Scrape out a small amount of balm, Put the balm between your fingers and warm it up until it softens to a thick warm liquid, Apply the goo to your beard and mustache rubbing into the hairs and skin. Start from the neck and work upwards getting into the roots. Finally comb through the beard and move/smooth it into the desired shape.

To style, moisturize and protect the hair and the skin. Reduces skin irritations, natural healing properties and can help reduce acne, spots and blackheads. Antibacterial properties to help with flaky skin, dandruff and dry skin problems. If your hair is quite thin then our balm adds volume and stimulates Beard Growth.

- Made with 100% natural ingredients.

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Customer Reviews

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James .C (Winnipeg, CA)
Great Stuff!

If you have a wire brush for a beard and it sticks out everywhere use this right after a shower. It will leave it smelling fantastic and your beard will look more like the one’s your jealous of.. I got the beard wax also but this stuff is doing a great job softening the wire. Apply and comb it through.