6 Photo Super Chetak 45g

6 Photo Super Chetak 45g

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6 Photo Super Cheetak is a premium export quality snuff from the Punjab. A mixture of pale sun-ripened tobaccos specially blended for the discerning palette. This floral scented and sweet spicy snuff comes with a fairly mild burn. Super Cheetak is long-lasting and offers a nice nicotine hit.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

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Michael Dmytryszyn (Goochland, US)

Very odd scent. Super fine, fluffy grind, light menthol, the scent is just weird. It almost reminds me of like, a pet store, or like the fish section at a pet store. Its not overpowering, and can be kind of pleasant, but overall this one is just odd to me.

Yunus Bakihan Çamurdan (Ankara, TR)
Good to have in a rotation

An Indian snuff with complex, yet mild, not overpowering 'incense.' Moderate-high nicotine, sweet and somewhat fishy mouthfeel. Only one caveat: Use your convenient method to take very finely-milled snuffs. Not necessarily a star in its range but has its place in a rotation and you'll like it more as you use.

Justin Reynolds (Fort Bragg, US)
Another Killer snuff from six photo.

They have done it again people! Every snuff i try from six photo is amazing, This is like snuffing some refreshing sweet minty candy, I LOVE IT, its sweet, not too sweet, Floral, minty refreshing as heck! Try any snuff from six photo you wont be disappointed, some of them may be overpowering to some people i love strong smells tho

Cj (Buffalo, US)
Great Nic hit

I was really excited to try this one based on other reviews. Upon opening the tin I was blasted with a perfume I couldn't put my finger on. Very hard to describe. I hoped it would be different when I took the snuff but that was not the case. I took a small pinch at first because the reviews said this one is hard to take. I found it easy to take, so I took a 2nd pinch. Love the Nicotine hit and very slight burn, but I cant get past the scent. The best way I can describe the scent is...indian grocery store X10. I used to deliver produce to many small Indian grocery stores and the storage rooms all smelled just like this snuff. I set it aside to give it another sniff the next day, sometimes a new snuff grows on you. Not this one. Unfortunately its in the bottom of a rubbish bin now.

Saxon W (Kecskemét, HU)
6 Photo Super Chetak -- 150g

This is one of my favorite Indian snuffs, part of my daily rotation, a staple of my nicotine diet. Finely ground, light brown snuff, with an incense-like scent. It takes practice to put it in your nose without a lungshot, but well worth the effort in my book.

My nicotine tolerance is pretty high, and this doesn't leave me wanting, so if you aren't used to high levels of vitamine n, use witch caution.