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6 Photo Special is a black colored, coarsely ground snuff mixture. This blend has rich woody undertones that linger and then carries over into a eucalyptus and menthol finish. This is a comforting and heart warming snuff, easily a daily snuff if you partial to complex flavors. Merits a special place in your collection.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

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meena sheikh (Milton Keynes, GB)


Larry Bump (Sidney, US)
Very nice, flavorful and lasting

I really like this. Incense, flowers, a little eucalyptus. I was looking for something like Janta Special Mail, but this is better.

Larry Bump (Marysville, US)
How does this compare?

How does this compare to Janta red label black/mail? It sounds like it might be a good replacement.

Dewayne (Henrico, US)
The best of the black snuffs.

The thing that sets this on apart, from it's stablemates, is a perfect balance of flavors. That, and an overall effect that is second to none. You get high nicotine, that "tobacco in a muslin bag" scent, floral essences like lavender, and opium flowers, and just enough menthol to brighten it up. The effect is amazing. It would be a bargain at three times the price.

Dennis Garrett (Sparks, US)
Dark snuff Eucalyptus some Rose!

Purchased around 5 cans of photo snuffs because I think new flavors are main stream snuffs in some countries other flavors old!
This is a older snuff and I had to leave the can open and put them on a dish plate and let them air out even had to do it with gawith pine ice because they smell real strong like urine and the pine ice was like pinesol soap! The urine smells and strong flavor broke down and they were great! This flavor strong eucalyptus some rose or perfume something like old soap that is not too strong. Think this snuff is what grandpas use to use enough to get you down the road with some energy and go to church hang out and talk to farmers and town people after church! Thinking might want to just buy a can put it in your dish and curio cabnet for show! And wanted to point out the dark snuffs 6 photo has have a different drip similar to dark chewing tobacco. At one time or the other might get the horse urine for sure then the bull crap smell like your on a farm so dont throw the can away use smaller doses let smells evaporate!