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6 Photo Motia 45g

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6 Photo Motia Snuff is a black, finely ground snuff with a mild medicated effect. It has a distinct tobacco flavor with overtones of camphor. Motia Snuff is an effective decongestant that rivals the most popular English styled snuffs. Well worth the try.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

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Customer Reviews

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Allon Bakuth (Westminster, US)

For some reason this reminds me of my childhood either it's the camphor or the light scent of incense with the menthol kicker. I absolutely love this snuff infact I love it so much I just ordered it again and will continue to. 5 out of 5 must have

C. (Steamboat Springs, US)
Night Blooming Jasmin

When I was a kid, there were night blooming jasmine bushes growing in a hedge in our backyard. This wonderful snuff has the exact scent, mixed with a healthy amount of menthol. Black, moist, and easy to take, I like it a lot. That said, it may be a bit much for those used to traditional English or German snuffs. It’s unique in the Indian snuffs as it’s almost a pure jasmine scent, and btw, goes well with a cup of jasmine tea!

Dewayne (Waynesboro, US)
Black and beautiful snuff.

I've become a fan of these perfumed and mentholated Indian black snuffs. All seem to be subtle variations of the same theme. Therefore there's one for the individual preference. With Motia, I get a moist snuff, with mild tasting tobacco, that has the scent of damp linen, unlit incense and of course menthol. Motia to me, seems to have a bit more menthol than some. Nicotine is strong, and the overall effect is lasting. If you get the 8gm, decant it into a bigger container. Motia seems to improve once loosened up, and aired out a bit.

Alfredo Baquerizo (Guayaquil, EC)
Very floral snuff

First impression: Jazmin. A touch of camphor, and patchouli I think. Burn a little but don't bother. Very fragant. Very moist but easy to take. Recomended.

AS (Wellington, NZ)
Fresh or not

I first tried this Indian black in the 8g tub. The main note then was of lime,so imagine my surprise when I tried the 30g tin. The main note of this snuff when fresh is cinnamon. It is also slightly mentholated but not overwhelmingly so. You can expect this snuff to change its profile as it ages in contact with air as the cinnamon note is lost. No matter though as I found both thoroughly enjoyable.