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6 Photo Begum Green

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Customer Reviews

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lime meringue, chilled

this is an interesting one! I almost thought I wouldn’t enjoy this one as much as I definitely do. when I first opened the tin, I was not impressed. The notes that hit me off the top were almost sour. The color IS lovely, the grind is soft and fine, with more moisture than what some people might associate with most Indian snuffs. But, actually taking this snuff? It’s almost like key lime pie, served fresh from the fridge! I thoroughly enjoy this one. There is a bright citrus note, sweet like a lime and not as sour as a lemon, a not-quite-vanilla creaminess, and a smooth herbal mint that adds an almost savory finish, so the sweet isn’t even overwhelming. It doesn’t cake up. I take it in a small scoop and pack it down against the edge of the container to make sure it doesn’t all slam my sinuses. A thin coat does the trick for nicotine, and more is just bliss on top. Sooo glad I decided to try this one!

Wild Alaska

Something about this is extremely pleasant to me. I could take this all day every day. The tin is awesome as well. I’ll by more 30g for the tins and 150g for the freezer. I didn’t anticipate liking this so much. Subtle, soft, long lasting, good N. Excellent. Reminds me of Gawith Original kind of...

Favorite All-Day 6 Photo

From a 40 year snuffer, by no means an expert, just know what I like. First - 5 Stars to Mr Snuff for the great selection, awesome customer service, and fast delivery! This snuff has a delicious scent, and not too much nic kic. I really enjoy a hi octane nic once or twice in the morning and the evening, but for all day, I turn to this lovely lady. Just enough nic, and the floral, spice scent always puts me in a good place. Enjoy what you enjoy, but give her a try.

Brian Ackerly
Minty Gem

I initially tried this snuff a couple years prior. It wasn't my cup of tea. About 3 years later I ordered the Green Dragon (same snuff as Begum Green). Man was I blown away. It has become my all day snuff. I go through a 150g tin in a month now. I describe it as a creamy, minty, menthol with a hint of vanilla. It's hard to discern it as true vanilla, but it's the closest I can come to describing that facet of the scent. It's not an over the top menthol, it's more of a medium strength. This is a wonderful snuff, I highly recommend it.

6 Photo Begum Green 30g

Reminds me of an Andes Chocolate with VIVID menthol. I'm not a fan of super mentholated snuff but this Menthol is well balanced. For me after an hour or so comes the presence of orange apicot and lime - not bold citrus more creamy accompiant to the minty chocolate scent. Definitely long lasting scent with moist grind. Beautiful nicotine hit---- on the scale of 1 to 10 ... 7/ seven. 4 me the top is hard to come off -----so I put a piece of wax paper between the top and the snuff contents , close top --------- easier to get off ---- stored in12 bottle wine chiller converted to Snuff Humidor ... stored at 62 with boveda pks 62. Great snuff for dessert and holiday. - Beb