Shammah Afghani 50g

Shammah Afghani 50g

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Shammah Afghani is a blend of the best handpicked Rustica and Burley tobaccos fermented to produce a moist and dense oral snuff. Rustica being notorious for the high nicotine content with a strong taste and the Burley providing a sweet counterpoint. Shammah Aghani holds no added flavoring. This product delivers an extraordinary nicotine hits and a full tobacco taste.

Available in a convenient container size.

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J. (Schenectady, US)

Not sure why no one has mentioned this before, but my batch is quite spicy. I didn’t get the nicotine hit that everyone else claims, but I’ve used a few gas station pouches earlier.
I like the aroma, and enjoy the spice quite a bit!
I’ll have to try some in the morning to see how good the nic punch is

D. (Colonial Heights, US)
Almost a naswar

This a moist, plain, unflavored, tobacco product, with plenty of nicotine. The texture is like Makla, or American "Silverback" dip. The taste isn't bad, but not very interesting either, it's just moist tobacco and maybe some hay. I will continue to buy.

A.N. (New Windsor, US)
Best snuff 😉

Looks like a original naswar

Sal (Phoenix, US)
Strong AF.

I thought this was a nasal snuff so I ordered it. Nope. Moist, dense, very snus-like. Taste is straight fermented tobacco. No saltiness to it. Just pure baccy. I stuck a pea sized amount in my upper lip. Holy hell. This stuff is POTENT. Definitely enjoyable and the vitamin N hit is noticeable in every manner. I tried a little nasally by snorting two large sand grain sized bits and then pinching my nose and rubbing the nostrils. Yep. It works better than intended. If you like oral snuffs that are pure tobacco then this may be up your alley.

Strawalker (Toronto, CA)
Weird snus-ish nic blast

When I opened the loose fitting lid I was really taken aback by the look of this stuff. So much so that I immediately put it aside and vowed not to open it again, yuk! Curiosity eventually got the better of me and after a few belts of whiskey I thought what the hell I'll give it a go. I'm a los snus user and very tolerant of high doses of nicotine but the head spin that a medium sized prllla of the stuff gave me was way over the top. Looks gross, smell meh but if you want enough nicotine in your system to cause hallucinations then this stuff is for you. I'm almost out and they're sold out already :-( Do the right thing and get on the waiting list. I intend to buy this in bulk.