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6 Photo India in a Box Green

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Bro Brian
India's Best Kept Secret

This snuff has the look of a sandalwood powder, the feel of a sandalwood powder, and the scent of sandalwood. Now turn on the band saw, and let's get down to it! Awesome chit mon.
This product appears to have NO nicotine, but I snorted it, and couldn't tell the difference. For a balanced product w/nicotine, may I suggest mixing equal amounts of this product with a high volume nicotine based snuff. I'm sure that would suffice. Who knows what that may produce. The World awaits you.
Edit: In the end, I took the can of the India in a Box, and mixed it with a semi equal amount of White Horse. It came out alright, but not as soothing as the straight India in a Box. Still awesome, though, and with a decent amount of nicotine added from the White Horse.

6 Photo India in a Box Green

Complex, delightful. Scents of flowers, herbs, spices and fresh mountain air carrying chai tea. Initially has a good burn, it subsides and the floral/herb experience kicks in. Lasts for a good while. Dry, very fine grind.

6 Photo India in a Box Menthol 30g

Still a bit unsure about this one. It has a scent that reminds me of Indian Chai Masalla Tea. The color is white/tan and is a bit on the fine side grind wise. Glad to have it in the collection and will certainly keep using it.