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Himtaj snuff is a fine dark brown snuff with a musky fragrance. The ingredients are all of the highest quality including, Indian attar and musk in a distinctive blend. The recipe is then rounded out with a touch of menthol.

This product comes in several sizes. 

: mentholated
Scent: floral
Color: dark brown
Texture: fine
Moisture: mid-moist
Nicotine: medium-high
Ease of use: easy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
James Campbell (Winnipeg, CA)
Fantastic floral spicy snuff.

My boss back in the day would make his own chewing tonacco using these green leaves and beetle nut with lime and crazy stuff from India. This snuff is just like that but it is snuff, this brought back so many good memories. Good hit and be prepared to be taken back some it hits good! I would by this again for sure.

KB (Reno, US)
Dark and musky

Himtaj is very musky, sweet, and mentholated. The grind is fine, but it's not too dry, so you can take a good pinch without the snuff hitting your throat.

Donna B (Marydel, US)
Smells like a hippie chick

Musky is an understatement, because it's pretty potent.

Ian (Lehi, US)

I really felt risky ordering the 200 gram container with never trying it, boy am I glad I did very floral and cool. I definitely would buy this again and recommend to any who like floral Indian black snuffs !