Buy Double

Some things just go better together. Pizza and beer, peaches and cream, movies and popcorn, to name a few. One seems to enhance the other and in the case of nasal snuff there are some candidates. We have discerned a trend in purchasing complimentary snuffs, so we have created some double up bundles to pair these items that seem to have been separated at birth. 

 Two is always better than one.

Sometimes it's a question of just getting more of what you love and other times it's just having a variety of your favorites. Whatever the reasons, doubling up on your preferred snuffs is never a bad idea. If you like lemon then you'll probably like double lemon, right? The Buy Double special was born with this in mind. A selection of perfect parings and with a discount to boot. This means you stock up on your favs and save some coin as well.

 Better to buy two snuffs than one.

I suggest you peruse our Buy Double collection and see if you find anything that is up your alley. Remember, you can always email us with your suggestions for new bundles that we can add to the choices. Double up and happy snuffing.

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